Features & Benefits of Tilt-Up Construction

FULLTILT Concrete Buildings offer many advantages including the following:

Tilt-Up Speeds up Construction –  To Save You Time

Walls being tilted upThe construction of wall panels on-site save time; structural steel is fabricated during the panel casting process, wall panel and steel erection schedules are compressed dramatically. We control the delivery Schedule!

Tilt-Up is Economical – To Save You Money

FULLTILT tilt-up concrete wall panels are load bearing thus eliminating the need for perimeter structural steel. Panels can be cast as wide as 30’. Rapid panel construction, reduced structural steel along with a shortened construction schedule result in significant cost savings.

Tilt-Up Offers Sustainability / LEED*

Thermomass Panel cross-section*(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Architects and Engineers are constantly increasing the demand for Sustainable Construction techniques. FULLTILT offers the utmost in building envelope life-spans, and reduced energy consumption. FULLTILT Concrete Buildings are the foundation for good LEED compliant Building Envelopes. LEED works because it recognizes that sustainability should be at the heart of all buildings – in their design, construction and operation.

Tilt-up Construction ensures Energy Efficiency

Valuable Energy is stored, due to the natural Thermal Mass properties of concrete. Insulated Sandwich Panels can also be provided for Buildings requiring minimal temperature fluctuations, increased R values and a Hardwall interior surface.

For more information on our insulated sandwich panel systems, visit Thermomass.

Tilt-Up Accommodates Solar Roof Systems

Resco Solar PanelsOur Roof Framing and Roofing designs are built to accommodate Solar Roof Panel Systems.

Fire Resistance FIREWALL

Today’s Building codes demand high Fire Resistance Ratings for exterior wall assemblies and limiting distance Building Code regulations. FULLTILT site-cast wall panels have extremely high Fire Resistance Ratings; even our most basic panel (6” Solid) will provide a 2 hour fire rating. 3 and 4 hr ratings are also easily achieved by increasing the nominal thickness of the panels. FULLTILT Buildings will provide owners with substantial savings on insurance premiums due to their proven resistance to Wind, Fire and Vandalism.

Architectural Freedom for Building and Easy Expansion

Building ExpansionToday’s FULLTILT Concrete Buildings are an “open canvas” for Architects and Engineers to display their creativity! Because we can site-cast, virtually any Building can be panelized for FULLTILT with a large variety of finishes and textures available like form liners, thin-brick veneer inserts, and thousands of coloured coatings available. CNC Form Liner technology is also available to incorporate actual 3-d Photos, cast into the concrete panels.

TCA LogoVisit the Tilt-up Concrete Association to view many years of award winning Tilt-up Project Photos.

The TCA is also a very informative and resourceful site to learn more about Tilt-up Construction.  FULLTILT Concrete Buildings is a Proud Sustaining Member of the TCA.